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Turntable LP Etching PTFE Insulators EIZZ Male 5 Pins DIN Plug Tonearm Connector

Turntable LP Etching PTFE Insulators EIZZ Male 5 Pins DIN Plug Tonearm Connector

  • High Light

    Dark Brown PTFE Insulators


    Etched PTFE Insulators


    OEM ptfe connector

  • Product Name
    PTFE EIZZ Insulator, PTFE Parts
  • Material
    Etched PTFE
  • Certificate
    ISO 9001,RoHS,REACH,UL
  • Application
  • Supply Type
    OEM Service,
  • Feature
    Sample, Small Order, Higher Cost Performance
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    Support Express -Sea Freight
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  • Place of Origin
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  • Certification
    ISO 9001
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
    2000 pcs
  • Packaging Details
    PE bag in Carton
  • Delivery Time
    10 work days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    10KK pcs per month

Turntable LP Etching PTFE Insulators EIZZ Male 5 Pins DIN Plug Tonearm Connector

PTFE PTFE customized parts bushing burr-free virgin PTFE natural color flexible connection


1. Description:


PTFE EIZZ Male 5pin DIN Plug Tonearm Connector For Turntable LP PTFE Insulator PTFE etching

We are offering ptfe parts.

PTFE insulators are used primarily because of their superior dielectric properties especially at high radar and microwave
frequencies. PTFE also works in a wide temperature from –180°C to +260°C.



PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) insulation is a high-performance insulation material commonly used in electrical applications in high-frequency, high-pressure, high-temperature, and highly chemically corrosive environments. PTFE insulating parts are widely used in electronics, electric power, communications, aerospace and other fields because of their excellent insulation, chemical inertness, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and low friction coefficient.


In the field of audio equipment, PTFE Insulators are often used for the insulating part of connectors and plugs. Its insulating properties can effectively reduce signal interference and distortion, and improve the quality and fidelity of audio transmission. At the same time, PTFE Insulators also have excellent mechanical strength, stability and durability, which can meet the requirements of high-end audio equipment.


Different PTFE Insulators products may have different technical parameters, such as insulation material thickness, density, dielectric constant, withstand voltage level, temperature range, etc. These parameters will directly affect the performance and scope of application of the product. Consumers need to choose the appropriate product according to their own needs and equipment requirements.


In short, PTFE Insulators are high-performance, high-quality insulation that can improve the quality and fidelity of audio transmission, and are an important part of high-end audio equipment.


Material Name
Compound %
Main Properties
Very low coefficient of friction and excellent chemical resistance.
Glass Filled PTFE
Up to 40%
Improved ware resistance, compression strength, creep resistance, chemical resistance. Good performance in oxidising environment, good creep resistance.
White cream
Carbon Filled PTFE
Up to 35%
Improved electrical and termal conductivity, resistance to load, low coefficient of friction in dry, water, steam applications, chemical resistance. Superior ware resistance increase and low friction properties.
Graphite Filled PTFE
Up to 25%
Improve wear resistance, decrease friction and increase sliding properties against soft metals- chemical inertness. Improve the temperature resistance in some way.
Bronze Filled PTFE
Up to 60%
Improved compression strength, wear resistant, high thermal conductivity, resistance to abrasion. Reduced chemical resistance.
Dark Brown
Molybdenum disulphide(MoS2) Filled PTFE
Up to 5%
Increased PTFE properties of hardness and wear resistance. Increased sliding properties and decrease friction.
Blue azure
PEEK filled PTFE
Up to 20%
Increased thermal resistance, sliding properties, surface hardness. Superior properties on dynamic applications.
Light Brown
Light BrownExcellent mechanical properties including strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low wear rate and low coefficient of friction, retained over a wide range of service temperatures
PEEK Compound
Improves technical and chemical properties like deformation under load, wear resistance, thermal expansion and electrical conductivity.
Resistant to UV radiation and offers high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance.
Better mechanical properties than other fluoropolymers, low permeability
Excellent chemical and temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent processability





The biggest feature of PTFE Insulators is its excellent insulation performance. PTFE material has low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, which can effectively reduce signal interference and distortion, and improve the quality and fidelity of audio transmission. In addition, PTFE Insulators also have extremely high chemical stability and high temperature resistance, and can work stably in extreme environments. At the same time, PTFE material also has extremely low friction coefficient and excellent wear resistance, so that PTFE Insulators can maintain good mechanical properties for a long time.



PTFE Insulators are high-quality audio equipment insulation, and its quality is very important. Good PTFE Insulators products usually use high-purity PTFE material, and go through strict production process and quality control. In the production process, PTFE Insulators need to go through multiple processes of processing and testing to ensure their accuracy and stability. In addition, PTFE Insulators also need to undergo strict withstand voltage tests and anti-wear tests to ensure their durability and reliability.



The role of PTFE Insulators in audio equipment is to ensure the transmission quality and fidelity of audio signals. Good PTFE Insulators products can effectively reduce the distortion and interference of audio signals, and improve the clarity and authenticity of audio signals. In addition, PTFE Insulators are also highly stable and durable, allowing them to maintain their excellent performance and fidelity over time.