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  • China Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd company profile
  • China Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd company profile
Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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    5 Million-6 Million

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    80% - 90%

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Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dehao), established in 2006 as a manufacturing enterprise specializing in high-end engineering plastic parts. Its products are widely used in the fields of communication, automobile, medical , optics, microwave, semiconductor and aerospace.The processed materials include PTFE, PCTFE, POM, PEEK, PA66, PEI (Ultem1000), PAI (Torlon4203), PPO, PS (Rexolite1422), TPX, and other high-end engineering plastic materials.
Dehao had passed ISO9001 certifications in 2008, and has become a qualified supplier and designated supplier for many world famous enterprises, and established long-term stable strategic cooperative partnership.With the continuous changes and rapid development of the industry and market, Dehao not only focuses on providing solutions for high-end engineering parts, but also constantly expands the use range of materials and continuous innovation of processing technology, striving to provide better services for customers.The company not only has a high-quality team integrating sales, production and engineering research and development, but also equipped with high-end testing equipment and experienced inspection team to ensure the product qualification rate delivered to customers reaches 100%.
Excellent quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery and satisfactory service are all the service concepts of Dehao. So far, Dehao products have been sold to more than 10 countries and regions, including the United States,Switzerland,Germany, Poland, Hungary, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. Dehao will make persistent efforts to provide better products and services to meet the requirements of new and old customers.

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Established in 2006, Kunshan Dehao Electronic Technology Co., It is established in order to adapt to the needs of the market in East China.

In June 2007, In order to further improve the market competitiveness, the company built PTFE bar production shops in 2007, and so far, the business scope of the group from bar production to insulator process, to provide professional products with high quality and low price!

In June 2007, Establish a partnership with Radiall.
In August 2007, Establish a partnership with Amphenol.
In July 2008, Increase equipment and expand production scale.
In October 2008, Establish a partnership with Huber+Suhner
In September 2010, Set up bar laboratory to provide customers with better quality products
In July 2012, Increase high-end equipment again,solve complex product processing
In May 2015, Update automation equipment, reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and increase competitiveness
In October 2016,Participate in IME/China Expo, Shanghai International Microwave Exhibition

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1) Factory direct sales, OEM, ODM service
2) We can process almost all kinds of engineering plastics
3) Provide material selection services, such as wear resistance, hardness, temperature resistance, electrical properties, etc
4) Machining and injection molding combined to provide the best solution
5) Best price high quality product
6) Quick delivery time, working days delivery.
7) Quick response for feedback
8) Convenient situation near to seaport
9) UL , RoHS , Reach approval
10) With 22-year plastic manufacturing experience

Our Team

Corporate Culture
We are committed to becoming a globally outstanding and recognized leader in insulation sleeving industry, a preferred and qualified supplier of world-class manufacturers and well-known enterprises all over the world.

We provide our society with environment-friendly, safe and reliable products and make our contributions to a social harmony.
1. We strive for perfection and excellence, create the highest value and the most wealth with the least resources and make our every effort for a low-carbon economy.
2. We attach great importance to the harmony of human and nature; do our utmost for occupational safety and health. We will improve our employees’ welfare constantly while our profit is growing and our company is developing steadily. We will pay attention to and help the disadvantaged groups within our power.
3. We always work confidently, harmoniously, sincerely, and cooperatively. We go through thick and thin together to achieve our mission with unremitting efforts.

Values come from innovation and creation.
1. Values come from creation, creation should be based on continuous innovation, and continuous innovation is the vitality and source of enterprise value.
2. We explore actively and progress continuously. Working hard to realize both enterprise value and self value is the goal that each “Sunbow” people strive for.
3. Enterprise’s acceptance of its employee value depends on the value this employee creates for the enterprise.
4.We pursue the culture of “Create and share value” and “More pay for more work”.

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